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Billy's Goofy Art Corner
Goofy Art
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This Goofy Art piece is great for your Office Desk,and for Home wall's and Front yards.

All Art work is hand crafted based around The use Of Arizona"s Flagstone Rock

Yes this is why my work stands above the rest.
With many years in the Goofy Art world maybe
You too can find the right gift for the right person.

This collection of Goofy Art is one of a kind limited edition,And what makes this Art more exciting is most of all the Goofy Art pieces
Some can be matched up comes with two units to make up the one.

NOTE !!!
All piece's are heavy in weight 10 Lbs up to 100 Lbs

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Item ID Item Price    Qty       
001 Small 6Lx3Wx3H inch $25.00          
002 Med 9Lx6Wx6H inch $50.00          
003 Lg 12Lx8Wx6H inch $75.00          
004 up to 2,3,4 foot $200.00          

Accepted Payment Types: Money Order ,  COD

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