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Custom built Servers/Workstations/PC's
Specializing in WindowsNT/2000/XP built on the Intel platform.
802.11g networks.
Assembly Line computer networking for manufacturing plastic fountains.

Currently doing freelance computer work for a few companies.

Not too long ago I worked for the Earnhardt Companies working in the IT department. I gave them 6 years. This is where I gained most of my real world experience. With over a thousand network nodes ranging from hardware based terminal serves and DEC Alpha servers to WYSE thin clients I have see a lot. Of course all the servers and workstations were fun also. First started it was 50 computers running DOS and Windows 95 on dialup to Windows 2003 server and XP with active directory and Intellimirror.

Projects I have taken include:
Moving a Novell based network to a NT based and years later the same servers to 2000. I could always configure stable servers. Its a touch I have.

Managing the daily storage of screen captures and operation and scanned documents For those in the loop I used DSDA. First on UNIX and then to dismay, NT4. When I left the company we 6 robotic jukeboxes holding 192 active WORM optical and 4 times as many non active optical. A place that sells as many cars as Earnhardts you generate a ton of paperwork. Once a ADP rep had made the comment that we were the biggest DSDA client. The next biggest would be one of the major US airlines.

Company wide SAN.

SUS handling windows updates.

Norton Corp company wide.

Backup Exec installations and recoveries. I learned this product real well.

Avaya phone switches.

Octal Switches

Definity switches and the software.

Lucent Telco switches.
(Phone switches are not my favorite things to work on. Luckily the different vendors have the same ideas so most of the stuff is easy to do.)

I am always adding to this page but if you would like a resume please email me and I will send you one.

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