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Expressions of Hymn Copy Copy Copy
Mall Category: Music : Christian Printable Version

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Expressions of Hymn album is a devotional-worship recording. These songs will sooth and speak to your heart. These are time-honored, cherished Hymns,along with 2 original songs that Wesley recorded as an "expression" of personal worship.

-solo piano/instrumental


  1. Praise Hymn
  2. This is My Father's World
  3. Jesus Paid it All/Nothing But the Blood
  4. I Come to the Garden/I Must Tell Jesus
  5. Haven of Rest
  6. Blessed Assurance
  7. In the Sweet By and By
  8. Precious Jewels/Jesus Loves the Children/ He's Got the Whole World
  9. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
  10. Expressions

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