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TotalUSA.com makes it easy for you to start selling your products online immediately!

Sign Up As A Seller

To sign up as an online store with TotalUSA.com, you must first click on "Sign Up To Be A Seller". You may then enter in the basic information about you or your business. You also need to select a Username and Password. You must remember your Username and Password, as it allows you go add products to your online store, and update your information.

Logging into the Seller Control Panel

To use your Seller Control Panel, you must first enter your Username and Password into the form at the bottom of any webpage on TotalUSA.com, and click the "Login" button. Please note that if you have items in your shopping cart, you must first checkout your order before using the Seller Control Panel. If you have entered in the correct Username and Password, you will be taken to your Control Panel.

Adding Products for Sale

Once you have logged into your Seller Control Panel, you may add products to your online catalog by clicking on the option "Add Product For Sale".

This brings up a form that lets you enter in the name of the product, a description, it's category, unit price, shipping price. If you have an exising online photo of your product, you can enter it's URl in the form. If you have a photo stored on your computer, click on the "Browse" button to have it uploaded onto our server. You also need to select which types of payment you accept for this product.

Learn More About Getting Your Photos Online!

Making Your Photos Look Better Online

When adding photos to your online catalog, you may need to do some image editing to make your photos look better and load faster. There are many graphics software programs that let you edit your images. Some of these programs can be downloaded for free, and other fancier image editors can be bought for futher graphic enhancements. Here is a link for a free downloadable image editor that will allow you to crop and resize your photos:


To make your photos look better online, you may need to crop the photo to remove unnecessary space around the actual product you wish to sell. You may also need to resize your graphic so that it better fits on the screen. Graphics about 200-330 pixels in width are ideal. Photos can be sharpened or brighten as well. Saving the files as a GIF or JPEG graphic format is required. JPEG files can be compressed to make them load faster on the web.

Updating or Deleting Products for Sale

When logged into the control panel, you may update your product information at anytime. Click on "Update" next to the product you wish to update. You may change the desired product information, and then click on the "Update Product" button at the bottom of the screen. To delete a product that you no longer wish to sell online, click on "Delete" next to the product you wish to remove from your catalog. You will be asked for a confirmation of whether you want to delete the product.

Viewing Your Orders

To view orders from your online catalog, first log into the Seller Control Panel. Click on "View Orders". A list of your orders will appear. You may view the order information by clicking on either the name of the buyer, or the Order ID number. A screen will appear showing the Billing and Shipping address of the customer, and the products they ordered from you. If they paid by credit card, you may view the credit card information securely by clicking on "View Credit Card Information". You may print a shipping label by clicking on "Printable Shipping Label". You may print an invoice by clicking on "Print Invoice"

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