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Taking a little extra time to learn how to post your photos to your new webpage will pay for itself over and over for many years to come.   IT'S   EASY!!   And if you've done it once, you can do it over and over again.   Then you can teach all of your friends!!   They'll think you're a GENIUS!!

Getting Your Photos Online

Image Basics!
How do I Link an Image From an Existing Website!
How do I Upload an Image From My Computer!
Do I Need to Edit My Image!
Does TotalUSA.com Provide This Service!
Questions & Answers!

Image Basics!
In order to post a photo onto your new webpage, an image of the photo must exist on an existing website or the image must exist as a file on your computer. The file name for the image can be any name, however the file extension must be .gif or .jpeg. This file format is an industry standard for the World Wide Web.

A saved file on your computer may look similar to this C:\Windows\Desktop\myphoto.jpeg

When you are posting an image to classified ad or product that you are selling in the TotalUSA.com Mall there are three options for getting your photos online


Linking From an Existing Website?
In the template that is used to build your webpage you will find a field box that is titled "Enter URL of Existing Online Photo". To link a photo from an existing website, simply type in the Web address where your photo is located.

Example Web Address:    http://www.MyServer.com/myfolder/myphoto.jpeg

Your photo did not show up on your page or you received an error message:

Finally, do not use a photo or image that is not yours. You could be in violation of a copyright.


Uploading An Image From Your Computer
All of your photos used on your website and online catalog are stored in your Photo Album. To upload a photo from your computer (must be .gif or .jpg format) into your Photo Album do the following:   
  • Click on 'Browse'
  • A pop-up window will appear. Select All Files ('*.*') from the drop down list labeled as Files of Type
  • Find the directory your graphic is stored in on your computer and Click on the name of the graphic file. Click on the 'Open' button. The file name will appear in the form blank.
  • Click on 'Upload Photo'

That's it. You're Finished.

What if the image is not on my hard drive?
There are three different ways to get the image to your hard drive.

1.   Scan the Image
If you have a scanner, you can scan a photo and save the digital file on your computer's hard drive. You will want to save the file on your computer in the .gif or .jpeg format.

2.   Digital Camera
A digital camera captures the image then saves it in the correct format in the camera's memory. With the use of supplied cables, you can then transfer the image to your computer.

3.   Develop Your Regular Film in Digital Format
You can have your regular film processed into a digital format. Ask the salesperson where you have your film developed. Be sure to tell them that you want the image processed in a .jpeg format. When you receive the processed image, you will need to copy it to your computers hard drive.

Once the image is on your hard drive, you can use the "Browse" button to continue with the upload.

Confused? As an alternative you can send the photo to TotalUSA.com for uploading. Photo Services of TotalUSA.com


Editing My Images
In most cases a certain amount of editing is necessary to insure that the image will appear correctly and load fast online. The very basic editing such as cropping, resizing, and sharpening can be accomplished in a few minutes.

Free editing software can be found at:

Tips on Editing For Great Online Photos

Cropping your photos is a process removes any unwanted space around the main area in the photo.

Resizing a photo has two benefits. One it decreases the file size so that the image will load quicker online, and secondly it allow the image to fit into a smaller area on the screen. The finished image size should be no more that 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels in height and should not be more than 10 to 15KB.

If you are scanning a photo, you should scan it at 150 - 300 dpi. The lower the resolution the faster it will load.

To bring out the details in a photo, try sharpening. Do this process after you have croped it and resized the image.


Photo Services of TotalUSA.com

If you don't have a scanner, digital camera, access to a digital film processor, or if you simply do not have the time, TotalUSA.com can upload your photo for you.  Send a color photo to:

c/o Photos
1802 N.Carson St.
Suite 212-2245
Carson City, NV 89701

Be sure to include your username and description of the product of item that your are selling.

There is a $5.00 charge per photo for this service.


Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers

Q.   When I signed on with my internet service provider (ISP), their brochure said that I had 5MB of hosted web space. Can I use this space to link to my photos?
A.   Yes! In order to use this space, you should contact your ISP and ask them how to transfer files to this space. The most common method of file transfer is through the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocal). FTP Voyager provides a free program for this purpose.

Q.   Do I need to have my photos at a web address (URL) to link them on my webpage?
A.   When you are signing up as a seller with TotalUSA.com it is not necessary to have your photos on another website. You can upload your images directly from your computer at no additional charge. See How do I Upload an Image From My Computer!

Q.  Where can I purchase a scanner or digital camera?
A.  You can purchase these products at most computer stores or see the links below.

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