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DRE Racing
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          DRE Racing
  Dre Racing started, when a young driver, Justin, needed to be fast in order to compete. With his fathers persistence for him to have fun, Rudy the father, started to build race engines for his son. Thus, Justin being competive, they decided to move to the shifters. Where now Justin presently resides. He is determined to have fun and to try and win. Justin likes to take risks, if that means he can improve his driver ability.
DRE Racing, build shifter kart engines for Team All Kart North America presently and presently race with them. This team, is headed by Mike Murphy.  Eric Moody, Rudy de Sa and Paul Hill, are the technical team on the team. They ensure the karts are working to their utmost ability. While Sabine Hill, takes care of the financial aspect of the team. And the drivers; Justin de Sa, Trevor Hill and Travis Hill. All running All Kart Tomahawk frames and DRE motors these drivers should be unstopable for the 2002 season. While Justin will be running a little bit more of an extensive program then Trevor and Travis, he will still be right there helping them in their driving abilities as they help him in his driving Abilities.
Justin:  —125 cc  ICC class
             —125 cc Senior Rotax Max
    —80 cc Senior Shifter
       —80 cc Junior Shifter
Trevor: — 80 cc Junior Shifter
Travis: — 80 cc Junior Shifter
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