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S&W Custom Landscaping LLC
                 S & W Custom Landscaping LLC 
            Check out or web site today
          Lic Bond Insured Roc#182002
        Harry Standoff owner 
                   Bus.#623- 972-4020            Cell # 623-363-1808
             We would like to sorry for the delay of our website
             we are doing our best to clear up the matter
           as quick as possable .
                      We do Custom work in Designing and Installing           of stone walkways,crubing  with or without Light's       
              Flagstone and pavers.We build retaining wall's custom stone  work  around   tree bases.And Lots
                        more so Call and start to enjoy your new look !!!

                         Sod removal and install
                        Complete  install irrigation systems
                      And drip water for small & large plaints
                    We install stone of your choice
                     Flagstone  walk ways,walls,etc
             Some block work we try to keep the jobs small

                  pavers patio,walkways,
                                 Even around trashcan areas             

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